Prof. Oscar Pastor received the Peter P. Chen. International Award at Gifu, Japan

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8 November, 2016
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1 December, 2016

Prof. Oscar Pastor received the Peter P. Chen. International Award at Gifu, Japan

Oscar Pastor received yesterday, 15th of November 2016, the Peter P. Chen International Award in Gifu (Japan), during the gala dinner at the 35th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER2016).

He also offered the ER2016 keynote conference talk: “Conceptual Modeling of Life: Beyond the Homo Sapiens


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Conceptual Modeling of Life: Beyond the Homo Sapiens

Prof. Oscar Pastor
Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain


Our strong capability of conceptualization makes us, human beings, different from any other species in our planet. We, as conceptual modelers, should apply in the right direction such fascinating capability to make it play an essential role in the design of the world to come. What does it mean that “right direction” requires a challenging discussion. Halfway between the need of having a sound philosophical characterization and an effective, practical computer science application, conceptual modeling emerges as the ideal discipline needed for understanding life and improving our life style. This keynote explores this argument by delimiting the notion and scope of conceptual modeling, and by introducing and discussing two possible scenarios of fruitful application. The first one is oriented to better understand why conceptual modeling can help to manage the social challenges of the world of the emerging information era, and how this world that comes could benefit from it. The second one focuses on how understanding the human genome can open new ways to go beyond what we can consider “traditional Homo Sapiens capabilities”, with especial implications in the health domain and the new medicine of precision.

Keywords: Conceptual Modeling, Conceptual Models, Applications of Conceptual.

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