Marie Curie (ref. MSCA)

If you are in possession of a doctoral degree or have at least four years of full-time equivalent research experience, and have a good research curriculum, and are interested in our research areas, we propose you to contact us and apply for a MSCA-IF-2016 proposal with UPV-PROS as hosting institution.

The deadline of this call is 14 September 2016. In order to make a good proposal, please contact us before the end of june 2016.

FPI Grants (ref. FPI)

If you obtained your degree within the last 3 years, have a good academic record, and would like to do your PhD with us, you can apply with our support to several pre-doctoral grant programs to stay with us during the 3 years of your pre-doctoral phase.

Contact us and we will guide you through the process.


If you have professional or research experience in our working areas, you can work with us as member of any of our current or future R&D project teams.

In any case, if you want to work with us, please contact us, referring to the kind of professional career you want to develop, and attaching your cv and academic record.