Model-driven development (MDD) and automatic code generation

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Model Driven Development (MDD) is an aproach for software system development based on the separation between the specification of the structure and system functionality and the final implementation using specific implementation platforms. The aim is to increase the level of abstraction in software development by giving greater importance to conceptual modeling and the role of this models in software development.

We use object-oriented conceptual modeling annotations to specify the structure and functionality of the system to be built. We also hold a presentation model that allows us to specify the manner a end user interacts with the system to provide and obtain data and information.

The complete and precise specification of the static, dynamic and presentation aspects of the information system in the conceptual models allows the automatic generation of code. This process is an important step for the industry; in this context, we have experience with the development, implementation and use of advanced software development environments that ensure easy, agile and automatic generation of software products that are the correct representation of their corresponding conceptual models.

In addition to this conceptual models, we work with specialized models for web application and ambient inteligent at specification requeriments level with organizational models.



Automatic generation of the code of management, web and ambient inteligent aplpication starting from conceptual models.

Definition of formal specifications of the software system to be developed.