Organizational Modeling and Requirements Engineering

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Organisational modelling is a vital activity to build software systems that are aligned with organisational objectives. The research line in organisational modelling and requirements engineering promotes the alignment of various organisational models to support organisational development and evolution.

Our objective in this research line is to enrich requirements engineering tasks with a set of methods, tools, and techniques to capture the properties of desired software products.

This research line is focused on the definition of methods based on the model-driven and model-based engineering paradigms. As a result, our methods automate the processes from requirements to code; we are bridging the gap between the problem space and the solution space. We work on the design of new languages and modelling notations that facilitate requirements specification in a light and modular way.

Our current methods support the specification of business processes from a communicational perspective, goal perspective, and design perspective. Model to model transformation guidelines support the process from requirements to code. Our methods, techniques, and guidelines are implemented in Eclipse platforms.